Monday, June 15

How to Properly Treat Trash: Vipco's The Zombie Dead

Vipco's U.K. disc of Bianchi's Italian cheeze cold cut on rye Burial Ground (Le notti del terrore) arrived today under stupid "Zombie Dead" title. I already have Peter Bark's incestuous piece de resistance on DVD from Shriek Show and Italian Shock, but figured if a Brit on Amazon's Marketplace is okay with shipping a disc to the States for a grand total of $2.99--I'm game. Anyway I popped the disc in and was very pleasantly surprised by the transfer especially considering the now defunct studio's dubious reputation. Without checking I knew it was superior to Shriek Show's presentation, but upon further digging this transfer even beats Shock's solid treatment. The Vipco features actual film grain, producing a picture that's closest to the original negative and the most finely detailed of the lot. The Shriek Show being the worst despite sporting anamorphic enhancement; very boosted brightness, slightly cropped, and swimming with ugly digital artifacts. The Vipco edition is out of print so keep an eye out on eBay and such. It's a keeper!

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