Tuesday, June 16

Surprise Among the Living Dead: The Recon Mission

finding a home amongst its brethren

This is a follow-up to Surprise Among the Living Dead

I've just run through this oddity and wanted to address the kind Robert Monell's questions (see his excellent Jess Franco blog here) pertaining to this release. Visit this film's thread on The World of Jess Franco forum for further details.

Language: English w/ English credits
Ratio: Full Screen
Runtime: 1:28:03 (88 minutes, 3 seconds) (from film start to fade to black)
Tape Type: T105 (105 minutes)
Playback VCR: U.S. Sony SLV-640HF (60Hz NTSC-only)

- NO BBFC Certification at the beginning of the tape
- The film ends with Christina "going mad" and the final shot is her lying on a bed with "THE END" imposed along the bottom of the picture.

The nudity is either cut, blacked out, or blotted out by a purple halo.

Rollin's zombie inserts are included.

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