Saturday, June 13

Presenting the Reb Brown Certified Ratings System™


(video courtesy of TeargasGinn)

In an effort to continue to espouse the awesome deluxe of one Mr. Reb Brown, I've just patented the Reb Brown Certified Ratings System™. It's a conciser method than before, consisting of a one to five RebHead™ denotation with an allowance of half RebHead™ intervals. This system with be enacted from this point forward for all standard BoGD flick reviews. All prior reviews will remain as they are.



Samuel Wilson said...

If that clip represents the full Reb Brown experience I don't know if any film can live up to it. Damn!

Anonymous said...

I just put up a review for Howling II, which features Reb. He had some really bad one liners. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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