Tuesday, September 8

Coping with MCD

MCD - abbr. multiple copy disorder: the impulse to own several copies of the same film, especially copies from various countries.

Are you a sufferer from this dreaded affliction? Apparently a sizable portion of genre video collectors are, as evidenced by certain studios releasing certain films ad nauseum to the detriment of wallets with a new making-of featurette here or an extra few seconds of footage there. Citing the most well known (infamous?) example, Ash just might not only be to the conqueror of the Deadites, but cult DVD as well thanks to the greedy hands of Anchor Bay.

I'm a long time victim of this condition. If I take a shining to a particular flick, I've been known to dig around for different editions to find the best picture quality or supplemental material. At least fifteen variations of Romero's Dawn of the Dead rest in my collection across formats. Things have gotten better for me. I don't go after DVD editions as much as before, but sometimes I fall off the wagon (see above).

After years of disc collecting, I've found one fairly strong truth, if it was released on DVD somewhere in the world, chances are it has been or will be eventually released again on the beloved shiny moving pictures disc somewhere else in the world. One must maintain the virtue of patience. So how do you guys fight this collector's twitch? Do you even have it? Has anyone beat back this sickness?


Anthony1138 said...

I've had a hard time with MCP myself, but I've been getting better. From time to time I'll sell old editions to make room for newer release or make a few bucks. But I keep all editions of certain films. For instance, I have over 10 editions of DotD myself between DVD, LD and VHS dupes, with more to be added when I finally get a BR player.

Sometimes I do have to stop myself from buying extra copies of films I already own. Not too long ago I found a $3 copy of the Universal AoD DVD and it was really hard not to buy it, even though I have the AB and MGM R3 editions. I was able hold off by rationalizing that I'll eventually pick it up on BR instead.

Damn this disease! It's my gift. It's my curse.

Drake said...

Lack of money "cures" my DVD addiction.

Anonymous said...

not sure if it has any extra features that you dont already have, but i should be able to help you out with the australian version if you want it:

details of the edition here:


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