Tuesday, September 1

eBay: Great for sellers because buyers are totally inept...or insane.

What made this auction rake in $112 with 10 bids...even with free shipping? These things baffle me, so let's break it down:

Terror on Tape -- $18 on Amazon, but it's the less desirable VEC small box
Demon Rage -- Sure, it's $40 on Amazon, but it's also on DVD and that case appears damaged.
Rawhead Rex -- $13 on Amazon, out of 12 copies, not that rare, plus an out of print DVD lurks about.
House on Straw Hill -- $21 on Amazon, but it's a New World Pictures VHS, can't be too rare, DVD in the looming as well.
Twins of Evil -- Released on various DVDs overseas.
Deadline and Screamtime -- These two pop up on eBay frequently.
Laboratory -- $29 on Amazon, but the box is cut, the flick awful, and I managed two copies.

***not rare in the slightest***

Bloodlust: Vampire of Nuremberg, Subspecies 1-4 w/ 2 cut boxes, The Beast Within, Sleepless, The Vampire Lovers, Long Weekend (shitty EP), Encounters with the Unknown (shitty EP), Xtro, Phenomena, Bug (cut box), Phase IV (cut box), The Nest, Jack the Ripper (cut box), Lady Frankenstein, Wolfen, The Kingdom.

Nope, it just doesn't make any sense. At best, two "rare" tapes, six "rarish" tapes, and nineteen tapes you can either chuck or give away. Do people even check around anymore?

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Jayson Kennedy said...

Wow, just realized the auction hasn't even ended yet...

...do you dare tread upon the staircase?

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