Saturday, September 5

This Week at the Smutty Swap with 18% more Harry Reems

Like Geraldo, except not at all and with 97% less douchebag.

I'll probably find more tomorrow (along with some horror, perhaps?), but here's what was pillaged this morning. The tape below the pics is the cassette for Bound in Latex, fucking sweet.

I also stopped by a yard sale and grabbed this Onkyo DX-C211 6-Disc CD changer for a wallet-shattering five bucks (haggled down from $10) as my beloved NAD C521 is not long for this world and will soon be in that giant electronic landfill in the sky. What's an iPod again?

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Anonymous said...

What, no Forced Entry? I don't believe it. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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