Wednesday, September 30

Just in: The Art of the Nasty, 2nd Edition

UPS just dropped Salvation/FAB Press's just released revised edition of Nigel Wingrove and Marc Morris' The Art of the Nasty at my door. I had never heard of the first edition from Redemption Books back in 1999. This hardcover 160-page book (1st edition was a paperback @ 140 pages) is billed as the most comprehensive collection of British video nastie and pre-cert video sleeves ever assembled. There's 450 front covers separated into the still banned nasties, "ban lifted" nasties, sleazy pre-certs, and "best of the rest" pre-certs categories. Each title is given a paragraph detailing various details like plot points, video/DVD re-issues, potential cuts, odd quirks, and best/worst picture. There's also an appendix featuring every release from the studios featured in the book in list form before the incredible piece of extreme state censorship known as the 1984 Video Recordings Act was passed. A revised and the original 1999 introductions from Wingrove start the book.

The glossy cover and page layout is extremely streamlined and attractive. Though all the "whiteness" might require kid gloves for heavy reference if one cares about the book's condition. There is overlap with FAB's Shock! Horror!: Astounding Artwork From The Video Nasty Era, but I'm noticing unique covers in both. Awesome artwork and you can see why they (negatively) caught the public's eye. If only there was an American VHS sleeve tome!


Toxaemia said...

Ooo! I must buy this. Thank you for posting about it.

Anthony1138 said...

I loved Shock Horror!, and was planning on picking this one up too. I'm glad to see from your snapshots that there is some info about the movies too.

Drunketh said...

Man, I hate it when not every cover art is full(ish) size. Always wanted this book, and the revision is nicely priced... maybe. Already got a few books like this. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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