Friday, September 18

Incubus Postscript: A slathering of Shat, but hold the Hades

I was looking through some DVDs last night and found my prior copy of Incubus. It turns out the copy I bought last weekend is actually a re-issue from Wellspring/Genius Products. The initial release is from Fox Lorber Films/Winstar. The actual content of the discs is exactly the same (same menus, extras, transfer), but oddly the covers are different in subtle but numerous ways.

Fox Lorber Films/Winstar:

Wellspring/Genius Products:

Notice the absence of the inverted Church of Satan pentagram on the Wellspring front (yet is still on the back). The pentagram behind "The Long Lost Cult Classic" is right-side-up, making it the positive Pagan symbol. The original art is more accurate to the film and has more visual impact. That and it's a pentagram over an image of William Shatner. I wonder why Wellspring thought it better to make such changes, not just with the symbols, but all the other little differences.

This alteration also translates to the disc art:


Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

The changes? Because speaking from experience. Marketing departments and particularly art directors are good at wasting time on silly details :D


Randall Landers said...

You simply want to elevate Shatner being in the film, so you take the obscuring pentagram off his face and put it on the back. No big deal. The disk art is cheaper without color, too. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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