Friday, September 4

They Came From eBay...

After a real dry spell of next to nothing and lunacy like this, it's now pouring and I'm scoring deals left-and-right. First up, eight Japanese mondos (from the lovely box of death), just the spines for your protection. Judging from the covers, forget about Traces or Faces, these look absolutely insane. Afraid to watch these...

From L to R: Death Press I, Death Press II, Death Press III, Death Press IV, Death Press oo6, Death Press 007, Death File: Very Best of Selections, Death File: Version Yellow

Next up, more Japanese tapes, but "normal" ones. These were on eBay for months and the seller threw all six in a lot. No one bid so I got these for $6 a pop.

From L to R:
Skullduggery, Demonia, Legend of the Werewolf, Treasure of the Four Crowns (El tesoro de las cuatro coronas) (1983), Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction? (83 Minute Version), The Warning (L'avvertimento) (1980)

The last three are interesting, with the first being 1980's Alien 2 sulla Terra. This was probably the last Japanese VHS I ever remember seeing online so it's great to finally own a copy. Night Warning is in like new condition and I figured it might sadly take Code Red awhile to release their DVD. The last is a 73 minute Japanese horror anthology from 1995 released by KSS Films that I had to do some digging on to find info on. The title, 身の毛もよだつ 恐怖劇場, translates into "Horrible Scary Movie". The two stories after "『noise』" translate into "Marie Brady" and "Homemade". I can't find a director(s) or cast members yet.


Anonymous said...

I'm scared just thinking about what is on those Death Press videos.

party McFly said...

its so cool you found those death press tapes. i can never find anything on them anywhere. it drives me nuts! not so much that what's on them may be morally unpleasant, but that i can't see for myself. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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