Sunday, September 13

Swap Meet Finds: You Gotta Deal With What Cha Got

Not too much this weekend, but weather and illness hampered the fun a bit.

and Vengeance were a cool fifty cents, been wanting to see this Hellraiser entry for some reason, expect some thoughts "soon". The Secrets of Dick Smith is from 1991 from World Vision Video and runs 25 minutes. Ghoulies III is a no-brainer and Cameron Mitchell looks homeless on the cover of Guns and Fury. Automatic purchase. The transfer on Palm's Fulltime Killer absolutely sucks; edge enhanced, bleached color, and print damage abounds. It's crash course in how to make a film from 2001 look as if it was produced in 1989.


...and this kick ass Beetlejuice t-shirt from 1988.

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