Wednesday, September 2

My First Experience with VHSPS

In my quest to find a "real" LHODES VHS bootleg (see if you can help here), I ran across this online DVD-R dealer, the VHS Preservation Society, having first heard of these guys from this 31 Days, 31 Links entry at Freddy in Space. I spotted a listing for Dead End Street and figured I'd bite, unfortunately upon receiving a friendly shipping notice a day (well, yesterday) after I placed the order, I was told it was the only title from a digital source they offered.

Argh. That threw up an enormous red flag, and surprisingly receiving the disc today via priority, sure enough the disc is a complete rip of the first disc from the defunct Barrel Entertainment's out-of-print 2-DVD set including commentary and extras.

So my first order with VHSPS was both good-and-bad. Friendly service, prompt turnaround on orders, "free" priority shipping without a request for it (@ $4.95), and the disc is authored correctly. I guess I just had the luck of getting the only digitally sourced title out of their catalog. Though I can see myself nabbing another flick or two from them down the road...


I Like Horror Movies said...

Thats just your luck man, figures you would grab the one friggin digital rip! Im way too cheap to ever pay for boots but they do have an awesome selection

Jayson Kennedy said...

Yeah, it's not so bad though, now I gotta copy to screw around with and I don't have to touch my "real" valuable Barrel copy.

KFelon said...

Did you get my e-mail with the link to a Spanish subtitled version possibly from a foreign broadcast or a VHS? you dare tread upon the staircase?

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