Sunday, September 13

Yes, I'm an E-mail Slacker...

I just wanted to publicly apologize to my ol' Film Talk buddy KFelon for not responding to his emails concerning uploads of the Venezuelan broadcast bootleg of Last House on Dead End Street (found here). I did receive this initial email and was going to respond, but got sidetracked and then was concerned about responding days later out of what I perceive as the awkwardness of the situation. Sorry, I'm like that sometimes, working under the George Costanza coda. Anyway, finally thanks for the heads up and details! I've downloaded the files, but haven't compiled or watched any yet. I'm not that proficient when it comes to digital video file manipulation.

I did find this tidbit interesting and I don't believe this has been noted elsewhere. Judging by those caps on that link, the Venezuelan bootleg appears to have Mr. Palmer's softcore bathtub fiddlings in color, as opposed to the recent DVDs of Barrel's restoration that present the footage in grainy black-and-white.

Interesting! Seems like a rather substantial difference considering the insane level of detail diehards delve into concerning the various versions of this nastie. Also notice how the bad tear along the bottom is present in both.

Back into sidenote territory, I appreciate any emails I receive about this blog, even the unsolicited ones. I like to hear from studios, filmmakers, and other intrepid horror entrepreneurs about their current and upcoming stuff, but I will caution this blog isn't to become a big ad board. So no, gaudy flash animations selling Sorority Row aren't okay nor are any of Google's Adsense ugliness. Though if you have anything that seems to gel with the usual going-ons at BoGD, I'd be more than happy to throw up a mention here, but of course it will all be at my discretion. I will say if someone goes through the trouble of contacting me with a screener, it will be (honestly) reviewed. So that's that. Thanks for the continued interest!


Anonymous said...

The forum post with the video got deleted recently. Here is a Google cached version. The links appear to still be working.

Once you have all the files, just use Winrar ( and extract the video file to the folder similar to winzip.

Thomas Duke said...

I've tried emailing you about this (and the Sun VHS) before, but never heard back. Anyway, I have an original Venezuelan VHS of LHODES, and this so-called "Veneuzuelan broadcast" appears to actually have originated form one of these tapes. It's the same content as the uncut Sun tape, except that the bath scene has a yellow-y tint (it's not actually color), and the movie is slowed down, so that the actual runtime is approx 90 minutes (I didn't time it exactly) instead of 78 min. There's also Spanish subtitles.

So, it's my guess that the bootleg from the "Venezuelen broadcast" that is mentioned in the liner notes of the Barrel DVD actually originated from this VHS. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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