Tuesday, March 24

In Praise of Troma's "Tromasterpiece" Collection

It looks like Troma is turning a new leaf when it comes to their DVD releases. I've long been miffed over their DVDs essentially being loud advertisements for Troma with the treatment of the featured film being nearly an afterthought. I mean, I don't care to see some stupid clip featuring Toxie and Sgt. Kabukiman or a Deodato interview concerning Cannibal Holocaust on their awful DVD of Argento's The Stendhal Syndrome. But now it appears they're trying to right the ship and debut "definitive" releases of their catalog. Here's the collection's page on Troma's site, hope they keep it up!

Even the art is substantially better this time, especially like day-and-night with The Last Horror Film:


I Like Horror Movies said...

I noticed they were releasing TLHF too and I was greatly disappointed Troma grabbed it after the piss poor VHS rips they shelled out on all of their other releases, but if you'll stand behind them they must be an improvement! Not like there is much other choice for Last Horror Film, but Im very excited for the release if it will receive proper treatment.

KFelon said...

Was Redneck Zombies a cleaned up print transfer or was it another one of Tromas VHS to DVD jobs?

Jayson Kennedy said...

The color was regraded by the director, but the film was shot on video to begin with. So it's not a huge upgrade with the transfer.

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