Saturday, February 28

Deadly Intruder (1985)

Directed by John McCauley
86 Minutes / Thorn EMI Video / Cropped from 1.85:1 to full screen

An escaped schizo stalks a woman's country home after a get-together evening with friends. After days of no communication from being in the clutches of the rather innocuous psycho, her friends begin to worry and plan to head over to see if everything's alright. But who exactly is the demented one here?

A strictly okay slasher that wears its Halloween influence on its sleeve, but manages to break away from the formula somewhat. Danny Bonaduce is in this. He gets his head smashed into a television. Subsequently, he's electrocuted and dies. Fuck yea. That's possibly the sole reason to see this for many. The kills are a little varied, but bloodless. I guess if one must see every slasher out there, it's all yours.

Film: 4/10
VHS Picture: 4/10
VHS Sound: 3/10

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