Saturday, May 23

Couldn't Get Through It: Brotherhood of Blood (2007)

I honestly had no idea what this was about, even forgetting the vamp angle, except Haig and Foree had roles and I kinda wanted to see it on that basis. I accessed it on last night and hit the forty mark before opting out. Judging by the cover, I was thinking something akin to From Dusk Till Dawn, which is one of those films I'm always surprised people bust on.

But no, it's like a tomb-raidin', super loose Blade riff with the warmly diffuse look of a shot-in-high def softcore porn helmed by Fred Olen Ray. The proceedings felt real middling to the point I was nodding off a little with two minor genre notables woefully miscast. Haig looks like himself, only with what looks like gum stuck to his top teeth mimicking fangs and Foree some kind of swashbuckeling vampire pirate.

I plan on picking it back up sometime before final judgment, but it's forty minutes of vampire flicks like this that make Let the Right One In all-the-more revolutionary for the dead horse subgenre.


J. Astro said...

I think it's pretty fair to point out that Sid Haig almost always just looks like himself in movies. he's a seemingly-cool guy, but he doesn't tend to really disappear into any of his roles. It's almost as if they just pay him to be him and to read some lines. Which is cool, I guess. I'm glad I passed on this apparent stinker.

Johnny said...

Love Haig and Foree but this movie is so fuckin bad. Don't bother finishing it. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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