Wednesday, May 20

The Ring on VHS: Cool Gimmick Goes Unnoticed

Playing up the remake's concept of a cursed tape, Dreamworks housed the VHS release in a clear plastic case. Unfortunately this bit of cleverness went largely unnoticed with DVD's firm foothold by 2003. It's hard to tell from the scan, but you can even see the cassette spool windows through the front cover.


Johnny 666 said...

That is pretty cool. I was sent a promotion for this film at the time for it's premiere over here, and it was just an envelope with a tape in it. You popped the tape in and it was the video from the film and the trailer after it. A creepy little idea also.

I Like Horror Movies said...

Most interesting, never had any idea but thats a very cool idea! you dare tread upon the staircase?

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