Friday, September 25

Geez...Kelly Nichols is Saleen Hot in '78's Toolbox Murders

That is all, and yes, I'm branding "saleen" as next step beyond "ultra".


Frank White said...

And she is certainly not going to let that pesky bubble bath disrupt her makeup, hair, or earings.

Never did see the whole movie; it was in a triple feature with Driller Killer (Yay!) and Texas Nailgun Massacre (Boo!). I got there late and only saw the end.

Anthony1138 said...

Like a Saleen Mustang? :P

wiec? said...

i think she used to in porn so make up and lip stick in the bubble bath is pretty normal.

just saying.

Jay Clarke said...

UNNATURAL!!! Ah... memories. :D

Drunketh said...

Toadally Hott! you dare tread upon the staircase?

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