Monday, September 28

I Come in Peace on DVD and is Fantastic!

While poking around for info while forming my thoughts on this fun sci-fi/hard action combination; I ran across this British DVD at Now, I've ordered from Amazon's Union Jack division quite a few times without a single hitch. This time was no different, as easy as the domestic and always surprisingly speedy despite traveling across the Atlantic (shipped last Tuesday). American accounts on work exactly the same way and there's even an instant currency conversion at checkout.

Just wanted to point this out for those with all-region DVD players since the e-tailer often has solid sales on horror, action, and cult discs. It just takes checking every so often and some digging through their listings. I Come in Peace (Dark Angel) is only $10.18 shipped and there's a whole slew of good stuff new and old for under $20USD shipped. Not to bust on stateside import e-tailers, but ordering direct from is almost always at least a few bucks cheaper than say Diabolik or Xploited. I've even seen certain discs for over half off what you'd pay a DVD importer. An example of the savings is Dead Snow, $26.99 shipped at Diabolik DVD, only $16.45 shipped from

As for MGM's Dark Angel DVD; it's bareboned but sports an anamorphic widescreen transfer. The picture quality is okay, looking as if created in 1997 as opposed to 2004. Watching it this way makes you realize how cramped the full screen VHS is. Here's a few screenshots for your Dolph enjoyment.


Anthony1138 said...

Amazon UK is awesome. I've ordered from them many times, both directly and Marketplace and never had a problem. Another source for UK DVDs is They have some pretty decent deals from time to time, but seem to have a problem shipping oversized items to the States.

I ordered the Optimum Ultimate Hammer set a while back. The order went through, but they canceled it and told me they couldn't ship it to "my location". I contacted them about it, but didn't get a good answer. So I waited a bit and wound up getting it on sale for less from Amazon UK. :)

M.A. said...

Wasn't I Come In Peace previously released as a special edition on laserdisc?

Jayson Kennedy said...

It appears so M.A., unsure about it being a SE though...

Also thanks for the heads up on Anthony! you dare tread upon the staircase?

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