Monday, September 7

Little Drunk and I'm Still Lurking...

Yep, still feeling the effects of the Labor Day trek into Corona and hot dogs. Tomorrow, the twice-a-year aerification occurs at the golf course, basically a huge annoyance that at least amounts to a pile of overtime hours (if it doesn't rain), so inevitably entries here at the ol' basement will slow for a couple days. Though I'll be around stalking the blog roll and the eBay packages should be still arriving, so stay tuned as always, and thanks for 20k hits (despite 15,653 probably being me) and breaching the 100 follower mark a few weeks ago! I'm greatly honored!

Random pic from my camera, the remotes I don't use:


KFelon said...

The one on the far right looks like it could open my garage door.

Jayson Kennedy said...

Haha! That's the remote to my industrial Pioneer Laserdisc player.

Also thank you very much for the LHODES email/link! I meant to email you back, but forgot and figured you might be a little (understandably) miffed at me. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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