Friday, September 11

Not that long ago, in Japan...

As an unauthorized showing of VHS blogger unity, I figured I'd do a "supplement" entry to the Scandy Tangerine Man's recent A long time ago, in Italy entry showcasing Italiano sword and sandals over at The Scandy Factory. Yes, only one of mine falls into fantasy, but I only have one in my Japanese pre-records. Also since I still can't post comments will Blogger's standard comments method, that barbarian chick on the Throne of Fire cover is actually topless on several European cassettes (see here), Mr. Man.

Lucio Fulci

(Il fantasma di Sodoma) (1988)
Lucio Fulci

(La Setta / The Sect / The Devil's Daughter) (1991)
Michele Soavi


Anonymous said...

And topless she is! Nice.

On not being able to comment, curious: are you using Firefox? Firefox and blogger don't seem to get along at all. Well, since F3, anyway.

Drunketh said...

I've always loved that Demons 4 cover. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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