Friday, September 11

Several Interesting Upcoming Blu-rays

According to DVDEmpire, Lionsgate will debut Angel Heart, Cujo, The Monster Squad, My Bloody Valentine (1980), and Frailty onto Blu-ray on November 24th. All appear to be slated to feature 1080p transfers, 5.1 lossless DTS Master Audio tracks, and the supplemental material found of their DVD counterparts.

The only one I'm considering is The Monster Squad since Lionsgate decided to saddle the DVD with a poorly authored transfer (it's interlaced for you fellow techies). Nice to see this film arriving so soon after Night of the Creeps comes to Blu-ray. It'll also be interesting to see how MBV looks, as Paramount's initial DVD actually looks a bit sharper than Lionsgate uncut re-release. It's always great to see flicks such as these come to the format, but why just in time for Thanksgiving, LG?

As an aside, why in the hell does the BD's cover art of Night of the Creeps feature that awful floating head nightmare, compared to the better "retro" cover for the DVD (seen here) picked in Amazon's poll?


Anthony1138 said...

Monster Squad and Night of the Creeps in HD!!! I really need to get that Oppo BD player already.

And yeah, all of those Night of the Creeps covers suck. It's one thing to design new cover art if the theatrical/home video art sucks. But the original artwork is infinitely awesomer than this junk. At least the managed a "Thrill me!" on the back.

KFelon said...

I just pre-ordered my copy of Night of the Creeps on DVD today. If you pickup MBV & Monster Squad, let us know your impressions between the DVD & BR versions.

Unknown said...

ladies your dates are here... the bad thing... is their dead...
...something like that...
i loved this movie
"night of the creeps"
i like the other cover with the 50's theme... you dare tread upon the staircase?

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