Saturday, September 19

Swap Meet Finds: Attack of the Promos

These came from an unnamed steam show today.

Basket Case 2 (Shapiro Glickenhaus Promo Reel/Mini Movie)
Blind Faith (1989) x2 (On the back: Not recommended for the immature) (AEC Video)
Scream Dream (1990) (AEC Video)
10 Seconds to Murder (The Booby Trap) (1970)
Demon Wind (Paramount 5 Minute Preview Promo w/ Tilt Shifting Artwork of the demon bursting through the window!)
Death Wish Club
I Come in Peace (Media VHS)
L.A. Goddess (directed by Jag Mundhra) / Still Life (1990) (Prism Entertainment Promo)
Switchblade Sisters (Miramax Promo / Sealed)


J. Astro said...

Whoooooa, "I COME IN PEACE', niiiice! :D

Jayson Kennedy said...

Wanted to see that one for a long time. Heard so much about it.

Anonymous said...

My local video store had Demon Wind with the hologram cover. Forgot that existed. Never ended up seeing it.

Drunketh said...

Great finds! you dare tread upon the staircase?

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