Thursday, August 13

24: Season 9 Series Premiere: "Mirrors" Detailed!

Jack Bauer fights the ethereal in this thrilling 2-hour 24 season opener! Mirrors crafted by the hands of the enslaved wives of Islamic terrorists are determined to spook our steely-eyed All-American whoop-ass operative. But DAMMIT, he's not going to let some damn reflective glass break his razor-honed psyche from decades of beating in faces both domestically and abroad!

Even with his family (in an undisclosed location) doubting our hero, Jack will stop at nothing, even if it means shooting mirrors in suburbia, screaming at coroners, driving like a lunatic, and taking a nun hostage at gunpoint. That's right, to hell with common law, regulations, and faith. This is Jack Bauer, DAMMIT.

Directed by horror wavemaker Alexandre Aja, get ready to experience Jack running through the deliciously dilapidated sets of Silent Hill, House on Haunted Hill, and Session 9. In the thrilling climax, see our man from CTU square off in a mirrored octagon against one of the Thir13en Ghosts, CG fire, and falling pillars of paper mache! "Don't make me threaten you!"

Yeah, just caught Mirrors on Cinemax. What was Aja thinking? After so much good faith with Haute and Hills, the director manages to cast Sutherland locked in his trademark TV character yelling at people while welding a gun in this homogenized chair-jumpin' potboiler. He even calls the climatic demon beastie a "bitch" in his bullet-fueled rage. I had no idea this was based the Korean film, Into the Mirror. That one just has to be better than this, but hey, at least we get to see Amy Smart bare assed!

EDIT: Yep, this looks better.


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