Monday, August 17

Nello Rossati's TOP LINE on American VHS

Instead of acting as if I've actually seen it, here's a review of this Franco Nero starring super combo sci-fi actioner, TOP LINE (Alien Terminator), from Quiet Cool. A blog I discovered had placed BoGD in their blogroll without me ever visiting until a few days ago. Thanks if you happen upon this!

Anyway, this film is quite obscure with only British, Japanese, and perhaps Greek VHS releases. That is until Saturday when I discovered an American tape from 1994 from a company called "ACM Video" (purportedly) based in Las one time.

Unfortunately in my haste, I failed to see the cassette had a spine label marked "Kinsella's haircuts" and sure enough it was a fucking instructional video on how to give children ugly new doos. Shit. I did check the tape upon purchase, which had no face label, but I'm used to dealing with ultra cheap fly-by-nighters tossing off the importance of labeling...or stickers with decent glue.

Still, at least now I know and so do you that it exists. That is if you actually like digging through dirty boxes stuffed with grimy tapes for late '80s Italian genre flicks. Also in a bit of what!?!, notice how the ACM video attributes to the film to "Ted Archer" yet the Brit video has "Ted Archer" as Nero's character in the synopsis. Hahaha...

Here's the British Trans-Global VHS (don't have a PAL-compatible VCR to play it)


Hans A. said...

Thnx for the mention. I follow a lot of blogs, most of whose authors don't know I exist, ha, ha. Anyway, Top Line's fantastic, and I hope you snag a copy. The Japanese VHS is letterboxed with a nice picture. I'm surprised Japan hasn't put out more of these Italian 80s flix on DVD, as their country was a great source for them in the VHS days. I've been enjoying reading your blog for quite a while now, and keep up the great work.

Jayson Kennedy said...

No problem Hans! Great work over at your blog. Some Horror/Cult DVD-R e-tailers have dups of the Japanese VHS available so I might eventually have to give in. Have you seen Devil's Crude? Nero's scrappy charisma makes that one really watchable just like Top Line. I wrote a little review of the VHS awhile back. Also thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you dig my random musings.

Samuel Wilson said...

If Sonny Chiba had been the Rock'em-Sock'em Karate-Bullfighting Cyborg, things would have turned out differently, let me assure you. Thanks to both of you for pushing this wonderful clip into my field of vision. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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