Thursday, August 13

Goodwill Finds: The Quickening

Went out today to a bunch of area Goodwills and Salvation Army thrift stores. Found cool shit.

The Nightmare Never Ends (Premiere Entertainment Clamshell)
Music Video from Streets of Fire (26 minute promo tape with 5 music videos and making-of)
Slaughterhouse (on Beta!)
Circuitry Man
Bloodsport (Cannon VHS, vintage Kumite)
Prom Night (1981 MCA VHS)
Prom Night 3: The Last Kiss (The DVD is heavily edited)
My Name Is Nobody (KCA Home Video)

The Movie Treasury: Horror Movies by Alan G. Frank
Bruce Lee: King of Kung-fu (published in 1974)

A Mitsubishi HS-U560 4-Head Hi-fi VCR. This is the top of Mitsu's "Perfectape" line as far as standard VHS is concerned. The next level up, the 570, is the exact same build except with S-VHS playback. It's power, video/audio, and cable components are separated within the deck and the power supply is freakin' huge for a VCR. It was sitting atop of a pile of shitty Sansui units and after some haggling I got it for $10 with the remote. Appears to work perfectly, playing Hellraiser III now, played Fright Night 2 earlier.



Anonymous said...

Would love to see that Streets of Fire tape. The music and performances in that movie are so dated yet awesome.

KFelon said...

For a second I thought you picked up a $10 D-VHS player... you dare tread upon the staircase?

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