Thursday, August 13

A Bit of the Ol' Magic

In a comic shop earlier, I noticed a poster for Kevin Kangas' Fear of Clowns 2 along the back wall so I asked the clerk if they carried it. Naturally, display was right in front of me on the counter offering both features. Each were on autographed limited DVDs direct from the director. Each priced at $20, buy both together and it was just $25. I happily bought 'em and was told Mr. Kangas visits the shop every now-and-again.

Both FoCs were shot in Maryland, it's just nifty to see the two offered locally amongst stacks of comics. The shop was called Comix, on Hospital Drive in Glen Burnie, Maryland, the home of Marauder Productions.


KFelon said...

I believe you just told everyone who was wanting to hit your yard sales and flea markets the general area where you find your goodies. =)

Jayson Kennedy said...

Maybe...maybe not...hahaha

Kangas said...

Who are you, and how dare you frequent my local comic shop!

Not only do I stop there(it's actually called Empyre Comics), but I am EVERYWHERE!

Hope you liked the movies. Okay, well, hope you didn't hate them. :)

Kangas you dare tread upon the staircase?

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