Sunday, August 2

Swap Meet Finds: Carradine Daily Double

Small haul this weekend. Death Race 2000 is the gem, it's in perfect condition and I hopefully will finally get to watch it. I already had a tape of it, but the picture rolled on all on my VCRs. Death Sport is cut up from Warner's original gatefold box. Blade Master is D'Amato's Ator 2. I've never heard of William Lustig's Hit List before. Anyone ever see Hearts and Armour?

Also I must give thanks to Only Good Movies for linking to me for their Top 100 Movie Killers list (The Town That Dreaded Sundown review) and the daily-visited The Cheap Bin for awarding me with a Great Read Award. Thanks guys!

1 comment:

party McFly said...

how is it you find so many cool things? i'm so jealous. ((sob)) all i ever find at the local thrift/market are disney clams and yu gi oh tapes... IS IT GEORGIA? you dare tread upon the staircase?

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