Friday, August 28

One THORN EMI To Rule Them All

Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985). Possibly my favorite THORN EMI artwork and I see this cassette all of the time in usually good shape.


Anonymous said...

My local has this one - I covet it. I love the artwork, but obviously doesn't beat First Blood (which is framed on my wall).

Matt-suzaka said...

That is a great cover, for a great sequel to a great movie! I love lil Rambo on the bottom left gettin' ready to jack some one up with an explosive arrow to the neck!

wiec? said...

i watched this and the new Rambo last night and all i can say is this movie still holds up. one of the BEST and the new one gets better and better everytime i see it. Rambomania indeed.

Jayson Kennedy said...

Gore Gore, do you mean you have the Thorn EMI VHS art of First Blood framed?

That would be sweet, I actually have a mint condition copy of Thorn's VHS, one of my absolute favorites.

and the new Rambo was great wiec? Solid return to form at the end of the day. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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