Sunday, August 30

Swap Meet Finds: The Devil Commands...Through Vagina

Ran across another Cal Vista Tombstone, Angel Above - and the Devil Below (1974), the IMDB synopsis is...interesting. "While reading the "Necronomicon" at night, a teenage girl accidentally calls up the Devil. When he tries to have sex with her, she rebuffs him. As punishment, he sees to it that her vagina not only has a mind of its own, but can speak, too." Hahahaha...

Here's the other porny selections of this morning. A Place Beyond Shame is co-directed by Fred Lincoln, better known as Weasel from The Last House on the Left and Seka is almost too attractive for porn. I can't stop looking at the cover for Bound for Slavery. It's perfect in its slimy '80s penthouse hairspray sleaze, hence the addition of a clipping of the Richard Gere look-a-like on the left column under Bauer and her saw.

Here's the other tapes (and discs), of course, since Phantasm 2 has been announced for DVD, I've found another copy. The Delta Force is the Media tape circa 1985, not the crap Video Treasures EP tape. Whiskey Mountain is a (not very good?) Deliverance rip-off with Christopher George. The Rambos are factory sealed and the discs were $2 a pop, Shadow Puppets doesn't look that great, but for $2...?

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