Tuesday, August 4

On Horror Autographs...

Anyone else think meeting horror luminaries at autograph tables or sessions is a bit overrated? I don't have a long history with this, but the few experiences aren't terribly memorable or marred in someway. Ken Foree wanted $25 for his signature, and this was before his career notoriety rebirth in Rob Zombie's features when he was putting Kenan & Kel on the big marquee sign at his table. Worst yet his 8x10s looked as if printed from your common home printer on cheap paper. That's bullshit, I don't care who you are.

I waited in line for nearly an hour to meet Bruce Campbell for ninety seconds and say one of the stupidest things I've ever said in my life. I told him I couldn't find If Chins Could Kill... anywhere to which he replied "Amazon.com" and then I was ushered off by the pushy convention staff. Wow, that changed my life. To be honest, I have no idea where I even put the book he signed.

I also don't quite get the appeal of signed 8x10s, especially for some of the ridiculous prices I've seen. Tom Savini has the right idea. Every time I've seen him, his table has the photos in question, but also has books (like his Grand Illusions volumes) and novelties that you purchase which he will gladly sign. This makes the value increase greatly in my eyes than busting out a Jackson (or more) for a simple glossy. Not to mention personalization of the signatures (like To David...) knocks the long term value down. If you're into that sort of thing.

This is why I rarely persue the autograph rooms at cons anymore. Hell, most of the people I'd want a 'graph from are dead (esp. Vincent Price) and I'd rather raid the dealer's room to buy everything out from under everyone else. My favorite autograph is one I wasn't even present for. My parents ran across Gunnar Hansen years back at a car show in their travels. They gave this to me framed for my 16th birthday, probably a year or so after I first saw The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Truly one of the best gifts I've ever received, even though it goes against what I just said about glossies. Hehe.


Johnny said...

In agreement with ya on this one. All of the signed 8x10's I have gotten are all just sitting in my desk drawer, where they've been for years now. Nowadays I get shirts, posters, or things like that signed if I want someones signature. What I also do is just ask the celebs how much it will be to take a picture with them. Every time i've done this, they do it for free and I get to chat with them a bit. No charge and I get to talk with the person and get a picture with them. I'd say that beats shelling out 25$ for an autograph.

the jaded viewer said...

Johnny - I agree with you. I go for the picture because it seems more personal that a 'graph.

These prices for a John Hancock are FRAKIN ridiculous.

Rick Bman said...

I usually try to get DVDs autographed instead of 8x10s. I am not a fan of just having an autographed 8x10 because I have no clue what I would do with it. I will agree that they usually charge way to much for an autograph though. The last time I went to a con I didn't get any autographs because I couldn't afford it.

My experience with Tom Savini was not very good though. He seemed very cold and unpleasant when I met him. Of course he did sign my Dawn of the Dead DVD for free... however he signed it really big leaving hardly any room for George Romero to sign it.

The best experience I have had meeting someone was Michael Gross. He was very polite and actually spent time talking to me after I got him to autograph my Tremors DVD. I don't think he charged me that much for it either, I don't really remember though.

I Like Horror Movies said...

Ive had 90% positive experiences and absolutely love the meet and greets at the cons, granted I shell out the $280 for Gold seating at Fango meaning I get free autographs from most signers and only have to wait about 10m. I also go for DVD covers which can sit on the shelf for quick reference, but I always double up and make sure to take a photo with them too. As for the 8x10s, will never, ever pay for one, wouldnt do anything with them, however Paul Naschy gave me a mini of The Return of Walpurgis that he graciously signed and that is prominent in the bedroom

Anonymous said...

I've only gone to one convention and I went for mostly DVD covers to get signed. I had Savini sign my Grand Illusions hardcover book which I "borrowed" from the library. He even asked me where I got it. He also signed an 8x10. I think I actually cared more about getting pictures taken with them than the autographs.

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