Saturday, August 15

Night of the Scarecrow VHS Curiosities

nice bloodied stick-speared rack!

It's Saturday morning, so you know I snagged more movies in the analog medium. I'll post the others later, but here's most interesting selection of today. I already had Night of the Scarecrow, but much to my surprise this morning's copy is a promotional copy sent to video stores to gather interest in rental pre-orders with a variant cover art design differing from the final release tape. Usually if the promo art is different, it's quite bland as if rushed, but this art is the theatrical poster. Just thought it might be worth showing off to other dork tapeheads who get all giddy over such differences. The promo is EP speed while the final is SP.

promo copy / final rental copy


Cory said...

I have the promo copy as well. Years ago I worked at a video store that got these all the time, and a lot of time it was bottom of the barrel horror titles. I was in charge of "getting rid of them" when we had too many, so a lot of them ended up in my collection LOL. Some others I have of interest are Grim, which has 2 covers, and for T&A flicks I have Dark Secrets with Julie Strain, Undercover with Athena Massey (also 2 covers) and Broadcast Bombshells with Debbie Rochon. All 3 of those are Unrated versions that weren't released on DVD.

Jayson Kennedy said...

Damn, lucky! Thanks for the info though, I shall take it along in my tape huntin' travels!

Anthony1138 said...

I saw a promo copy a couple of weeks ago at a used book/music/movie store by my office. Since I'm not a VHS collector, I didn't think much of it. I come across horror tapes for $1 from time to time, but never any clam or big boxes. They also have Japanese VHS. If there's anything in particular you're looking for, shoot me a list and I can keep an eye out for you. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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