Friday, August 21

6 Things Learned from Chopping Mall

There it is, the best killer mall security robot flick directed by Jim Wynorski from 1986 ever made. I know that's a bold statement and I will defend it against anyone who dare say otherwise. Just try me.

6. Barbara Crampton is in this?

5. Apparently this is menacing...

4. Coolest guy in the room.

3. Dick Miller will handle his shit in 10 minutes.

2. Hot girl ass is 100% impenetrable by way of Killbot death beam.

...bbbbuuuuttttt their heads aren't.


Jenn said...

However, Barbara Crampton bares her boobies for all to see and the cutie pie from Night of the Comet is in this. Aaaannnnd Paul Bartel and Mary Worvonov reprise their roles from Eating Raoul in the very beginning. Now that is cool.

the jaded viewer said...

This movie brought you by Skynet

I Like Horror Movies said...

I had to jump in and make sure the obligatory "Dick Miller will do anything for a dollar" post was in here, shame on me for underestimating you Jay lol.. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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