Sunday, August 30

Where To Find Last House on Dead End Street Bootlegs?

This might seem like an odd request, but do any of you guys who tolerate this blog have any idea where I could track down a bootleg of Roger Watkin's Last House on Dead End Street?

See, I already have the Barrel, German, and British DVDs, but I'd love to find a "true" VHS dup of the film before these film-saving discs came to be. With little hope of tracking down the incredibly rare Sun Video VHS or Beta, a "pre-DVD" boot of LHODES might be my only chance to experience the film as many did for years before Barrel's revelation.

I'd go for a dup of the Sun tape, though I'd especially like to find a copy of the Venezuelan broadcast. I don't care about the quality of the print. If anyone can hook me up, please drop me a comment or shoot an email to It would be much appreciated!

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KFelon said...

Check your e-mail I might have found something. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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