Sunday, August 23 are Dumbasses and Near Dark on Blu Looks Like Shit

.4/5 Star Picture Quality My Ass.

Sorry to get all pissy, but boy do many of these Blu-ray review sites annoy the shit out of me something mean. I'm not into Blu-ray as much as I used to be; I even championed HD DVD throughout its short lifespan. One thing that's always baffled me are how absolutely blind many of these "professional" review sites are when it comes to assessing the picture quality of these new HD formats. Many seem to have no idea what makes the picture quality achievable on Blu-ray great to begin with and are afraid to call a spade a spade. Maybe it's merely because they presumably get most of their review material free from studios? If so, way to go lying to yourselves and your readers.

Now, this BD of Near Dark is Optimum Releasing's British release ( review), but I wouldn't be surprised if Lionsgate sadly utilize the same garbage transfer for their upcoming stateside Blu-ray being sourced from Studio Canal.

In short, judging from those direct screen captures, the transfer is a smeary digitally noise reduced mess lacking ANY fine high frequency detail associated with Blu-ray. Yes, even from an '80s production. This was evident 0.2 seconds upon setting my eyes on the images. A snippet from's "review":

"I must also note that there are a few scenes where it is easy to see that mild noise reduction has been applied, but, as mentioned earlier, Near Dark still looks incredibly detailed and crisp."

No, it appears the entire fucking film has been subject to more than a "mild" application of noise reduction. Incredibly detailed and crisp? Get your eyes examined or wipe off the shit smeared on your spectacles. Another pearl comprised of bullshit:

"This is a pleasing transfer, quite similar to the one Hardware received."


Even though Hardware (Blu-ray captures here) certainly isn't the best "dark look" '80s transfer I've ever seen, it's miles ahead of Near Dark's treatment in that it maintains the film's original grain structure unlike Near Dark which erased it all away at the sacrifice of any possible fine detail if left "untouched". Studio Canal, Optimum, and should be ashamed of themselves to producing and giving a pass to such poor quality that's no fault of the film itself, just the studios and apparently not giving one damn.

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E.S. Coakley said...

Oy! They're messin' with a classic!!! you dare tread upon the staircase?

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