Sunday, August 16

Swap Meet Finds: Now with MORE Plastic Mummy

Two days worth of pillage.

A Louis Marx Company solid plastic Mummy figure from 1963...with a crotch bulge rivaling mine.


Jayson Kennedy said...

Also the Mummy's stump hand isn't missing digits by the nefarious hands of a punk kid if anyone's wondering, it's all wrapped up.

Nick Sayers said...

Wow that On the Edge cover looks amazing lol. Plus KUDOS on the old death wish, Bronson is the best thing to happen to cinema. Check this out if you feel the same lol.

Cory said...

Holy Crap! That True Crimes Of Passion is sure a great find! What a twisted XXX flick that one is. Also one of my faves! Why don't I ever find anyting like this stuff when I go to fleamarkets?

Jayson Kennedy said...

Great Bronson post Man with No Name!

I always try to keep MANDOM in mind if I happen across Japanese markets. Haven't found any yet.

Actually, that's not the first DW VHS release. The first one featured a zoom-in of that image and a gate-fold type box where the front cover was a flap you opened to slide the tape out of an inner box. I don't have that one yet, the copies I've seen have always been heavily damaged.Thanks for the add BTW!

Also Cory, I had no idea! I just saw that it was big box (well, in this case "porn box") porn. Hehehe... you dare tread upon the staircase?

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