Monday, April 27

We Have Such Sights To Show You...

I don't have the disc yet, but looking at the direct 1920x1080 screen captures (scroll down a bit) from the Blu-ray over at Hundland, Hellraiser has never looked better on home video by far. Appropriately grainy, rich color, zero hint of edge enhancement, and very little if any digital noise reduction. I'm sure Criterion could have done a little better, but this is a substantial leap from Anchor Bay's other lousy genre Blu-ray efforts.

Their Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead Blu-rays look nearly identical to the smoothed over transfers on their Divimax DVD counterparts from excessive noise reduction. Anchor Bay basically ruined Evil Dead 2 with both the Book of the Dead DVD and Blu-ray with massive digital alterations that produce a completely awful image compared to their earlier, beautifully film-like THX DVD. Halloween on Blu-ray looks decent, but it has the non-Cundey approved coloration stigma and barely any extras. The Masters of Horror Blu-rays dropped all of the enormous supplemental materials found on the DVDs.

Though Hellraiser appears to have the transfer, sound, and extras all in check. Thanks Anchor Bay!

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