Sunday, April 26

White Justice (1972)

A.K.A. Bloody Trail
Directed by Richard Robinson
85 Minutes / Neon Video / Cropped from 1.85:1 to full screen

Since the IMDB listing is so wrong and vague, here's a point-by-point plot breakdown (spoilers):

a) A stranger secretly beds the daughter of a man he requests work from and quickly hops in an empty train car to escape.

b) On the train the stranger is surprised by two criminals who rob and throw him into the desert--leaving him for dead.

c) A mute black woman nurses him back to health, but the two are soon attacked by a pack of tribal ex-slaves sporting war paint and armed with spears (what?!?).

d) The stranger and woman escape after shooting one of the slaves, but they're both shot dead by the father of the girl in the beginning. Credits start rolling.

That's it. Oh, and the stranger keeps having pointless flashbacks consisting of sepia tone photos of the Civil War. What the fuck did I just watch? It's not a Western and I'm honestly unsure what it is. The film simply has no rhyme or reason. There's no grander point, the scant dialogue is drivel, and each segment feels extremely distant from each other. Despite the exploitative look of the cover, there's not much here on those terms, just a rather protracted sex scene and a gooey shoulder wound. I guess the thing can be summed up as a idiotic meditation on racial tension that only the writers and director understood...or maybe it's actually racist? On a final note, there's a five minute sequence that's I assume repeated in error twice during the latter half. And to think, I've actually managed to find two copies of this...

Film: No Clue/10
VHS Picture: 3/10
VHS Sound: 3/10

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