Wednesday, April 8

Combat Shock - Tromasterpiece Collection in July

Received a press release from Troma announcing this today. I must admit to not seeing this for probably more than a decade. I watched the film on a hazy bootleg VHS and was so repelled I sold it. I only remember the completely abhorrent ending. Of course, my taste has evolved(?) since! Troma should be praised to the Horror heavens for digging up the director's cut and finally treating their fertile catalog this way. I've already said that in the past though.

So here's the details, mmmmmmm, do I smell ham? (these new DVD covers are fuckin' awesome)

"Included in this fully comprehensive package will be the heavily sought-after, never-before-seen original cut of the film entitled American Nightmares, which is viciously more repulsive and grim than any other available version. Giovinazzo enthusiasts and cult film fanatics alike will celebrate this highly anticipated set, which also features ‘Post-Traumatic, an American Nightmare’, a new featurette which contains interviews with Giovinazzo contemporaries lending their praise and critical analyzes of Combat Shock. Present in the featurette is John McNaughton (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer), William Lustig (Maniac), Jorg Buttgereit (Necromantik), Jim Van Bebber (Deadbeat at Dawn, The Manson Family), Roy Frumkes (Street Trash), Mitch Davis (Fantasia Film Festival), Joe Kane (The Phantom at the Movies), Rick Sullivan (The Gore Gazette – his first interview in 20 years!), David Gregory (Severin Films), and the star of Combat Shock, in his first interview ever, Rick Giovinazzo. The set will also include, an audio commentary with Giovinazzo and Buttgereit, an all new interview with Giovinazzo conducted by Lloyd Kaufman, three never-before-seen short films, a look at the locations from Combat Shock as they appear today, original press and photo galleries, new liner notes written by Steve Puchalski of Shock Cinema, and other highly anticipated material which we have yet to announced."


+ American Nightmares (100 min): The Never-Before-Seen Director’s Cut
+ Combat Shock (90 min): The Troma Theatrical Cut
-Audio Commentary with Director Buddy Giovinazzo and Jorg Buttgereit
-Optional Spanish Language Track
+ Post-Traumatic, An American Nightmare (40 min): A look at Combat Shock’s Everlasting
Underground Following and an Examination of ‘Nihilistic Cinema’ featuring all-new interviews
with: Rick Giovinazzo, John McNaughton, William Lustig, Jorg Buttgereit, Jim Van Bebber, Roy
Frumkes, Mitch Davis, Joe Kane, Rick Sullivan, David Gregory and more!
+ All-New Interview with Director Buddy G Conducted by Lloyd Kaufman
+ Never-Before-Seen Short Works by Buddy Giovinazzo:
- Mr. Robbie, starring Joe Spinell (Maniac)
- More to be announced!
+ Hellscapes (10 min): A Look at the Locations from Combat Shock as they appear today
+ Original Press and Photo Gallery
+ Original Theatrical Trailers
+ ‘Solider of Misfortune: Buddy Giovinazzo’s Combat Shock’ - New Liner Notes by Steve
Puchalski (Shock Cinema, Slimetime)

Combat Shock - The 2-Disc Tromasterpiece Collection DVD edition will be available on July 28th at $19.95. Youtube DVD Trailer here.

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