Friday, April 3

Assorted Horror VHS Crap

Couldn't think of a better title.

Yesterday I received Al Adamson's surefire 2010 National Film Registry entry, Horror of the Blood Monsters. Much to my surprise it's a clamshell case, not Super Video's usual and fragile "artwork is the case" style. Night of the Howling Beast (La maldición de la bestia, 1975) is an example of this older style of their cases. They're exceedingly rare to find in the below condition, usually suffering from fading and cracking from rough rental abuse. I'm even afraid to simply open it any more than I have to.

Also check out this cool cardboard Horror VHS advert from HBO/Cannon that recently sold on eBay. I would have bid, but it figured it wouldn't have survived the several thousand mile trip via Media Mail. These titles were released in hard white plastic cases, but by the time is ad was made they came in common, boring cardboard slips. I'm fairly certain Code Red has The Babysitter slated for DVD release sometime this year as well.

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party McFly said...

shew. i've been looking for howling beast for forever. occasionally one will pop up on ebay... but not enough to even be around to snag it. suppose i could pay ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for it off the amazon marketplace... you dare tread upon the staircase?

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