Friday, April 3

Night of the Creeps...finally!

Just spotted over at Shock Till You Drop that Fred Dekker's endearing piece of horror/sci-fi hokum will finally be coming to DVD (hopefully Blu-ray as well) this October in director's cut form.

Maybe it's time to sell off my Laserdisc copy for a mint, well, maybe not.


Jenn said...

that's great! i have a bootleg dvd of this one and it doesn't work. i have no idea what happened to my vhs.

I Like Horror Movies said...

x2, goodbye bootleg! Great find Jay!

Johnny 666 said...

I read this earlier, and I came so hard that my dick snapped off in my hands. I can't believe it is finally happening.

I would imagine the Laserdisc would go for crazy money. Thats your retirement fund right there!

angelvamp13 said...

Awesome news! Thanks for posting.

Shaun S said...

Very awesome Jayson, can't wait to pick this one up. you dare tread upon the staircase?

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