Friday, April 3

You Won't Stop Screaming (1998)

Directed by Various
81 Minutes / Heaven Stone Productions / Full Frame

Obscure Horror clip compilation (with no host) that I assume was sold at Halloween costume shops.

I've complied the films I recognize:

- House by the Cemetery (1981) (several clips, including the entire ending)
- Tobe Hooper's Eaten Alive (1977) (several clips)
- Cathy's Curse (1977) (several clips)
- The Alchemist (1984) (several clips)
- The Hills Have Eyes (1977) (two clips, the camper invasion)
- The Final Terror (1983) (two clips)
- Alien Dead (1980) (several clips)
- Hatchet for the Honeymoon (1970) (two clips, including the ending)

Here's what I couldn't recognize:

- Two old men are in a cabin and suddenly one is ripped out of the window. He's beaten to death by a crazed maniac with a crowbar and the other man finds him hanging on the opposite side of a door. Looks from the '70s, might be from The Final Terror but I don't remember it.
- Several clips of a steak knife-wielding priest(?) with shiny black shoes who stabs and shoots children at a playground, stalks a mother and her child in a kitchen, and kills a girl and her German Shepard in the woods.

Anyone recognize these two? Also there's a odd filler bit in the middle of Halloween masks cheaply imposed over a still from House by the Cemetery depicting the house with distorted voices. None of the films of the box art are included in the video.

Film: 4/10
VHS Picture & Sound Varies


Anonymous said...

Oh man. My friend and I rented this movie at my local video store back in '99. Thank you for identifying some of the films in there. We could only ever make out Eaten Alive, House by the Cemetery, and The Hills Have Eyes. I've been wondering about this little video for years, and now I know it wasn't some local schmuck who spliced it together in his basement.

Still, the only movie I ever wanted to know more about in it was the one with the priest guy shooting the kids. Too bad you don't know what film that is because it really stood out as being different and interesting when we watched it.

Thanks for identifying the rest though!
- Dave

Anonymous said...

The movie with the priest is called Good Night, God Bless. And you're right, this does contain scenes from The Final Terror.

Unknown said...

Want to sell it?

Erin said...

Hi, I am watching this now, and since there is no context to what is going on in the clips, I wanted to thank you for the list. To add to it I was able to identify clips from Picture Mommy Dead (the girl scratches the picture and it bleeds, also she is attacked by a bird as well as being spoken to in scary reverb by toys) and Simon, King of the Witches (Andrew Prine steps through a mirror and there are lots of trippy effects.) What a weird compilation! you dare tread upon the staircase?

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