Tuesday, April 14

Slasher DVD Radar Slippage

This one might have alluded some until now (I forgot about the release date myself!), but Lionsgate is debuting the unrated version of Slaughter High on U.S. DVD today. Pretty much a barebones release, but it's cheaply priced and now here's no reason to pay more for the unrated Vestron VHS.


I Like Horror Movies said...

Do you recommend a blind buy or rental on this one Jay?

Jayson Kennedy said...

I haven't seen it yet, so I'm interested in this question as well. I know the lead committed suicide shortly afterward, which is freaky.

KFelon said...

Hate to tell you guys but it's actually sourced from a Vestron VHS or BETA, probably from a master. It's fullscreen, and the screen caps I saw on AV-Maniacs look like crap. I have a shoddy VHS to DVD-R that looks similar.

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