Thursday, April 16

Phantom Raiders (1988)

Directed by Sonny Sanders, Dan Harvey
84 Minutes / DigiView Productions DVD / Unmatted Full Frame

Mike Monty has turned heel against U.S. armed forces and set up a training camp for Vietnamese soldiers. After an "intense" training session, ultra badass Miles O'Keeffe sounding just like Dirty Harry and his band of former GIs go in to stop him. That sounds great, right?

But the problem is that's it. I really never thought I'd dislike a mindless action flick as much as this, but I did hate Kill Crazy...might have to reevaluate that one. I guess it delves well below my crap threshold. The film sets up Monty's evil doings in the beginning, the "good guy" training involving shurikens and live ammo, and a quickly redundant raid on the traitor's compound rounds out the last forty minutes. The action is poorly staged and unimaginative. The dozens of small explosions aren't timed well and the never ending waves of little evil brown men seem to suffer instantaneous death upon just hearing gunfire. The heroes are untouchable and swing their machine guns side-to-side like they're weed-eating. Worst of all, everyone kinda blends into the stupid action and it doesn't matter that O'Keefee stars, especially when much of the time he's seen wearing a "ninja" hood. The funniest aspect is O'Keeffe's team being comprised of three over the hill guys that look much more interested in cracking open a beer (and selling crack) than battling in the jungle again. Ugh, I guess this proves you can't fuck with the Italians when it comes to Rambo rip-offs.

Film : 1.5/10
DVD Picture: 7/10 (besides some darkness, I'm impressed for a Dollar Tree cheapie)
DVD Sound: 5/10

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