Sunday, April 19

Code Red, where's the detail?

Checking out the screenshots from DVDBeaver's review from CR's just released Running Hot; I continue to wonder why Code Red's DVD transfers are so annoyingly hazy? I own nine of their releases and they all have this strange layer of "video gauze" over the picture. Even the titles that state the transfers were made from the original film elements. I don't mean to bust on the studio, they're true independents and one of the last remaining genre-centric DVD studios with much promise. Though I'd just like to know why. Maybe it's just me, but I could point to countless other DVD transfers produced by both big and small studios that exhibit noticeably more detailed and pleasing presentations. I don't want to get into the digital domination Synapse Films is especially throwing out on a regular basis. They're the studio to look to for incredible attention towards DVD presentations.

Let's do an unscientific comparison (click to enlarge, largish pic):

Left Top: Running Hot (Code Red DVD)
Left Bottom: The Dead Pit (Code Red DVD)
Right Top: Re-Animator (Elite Entertainment Millennium Edition DVD)
Right Bottom: My Bloody Valentine (Paramount rated DVD)

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