Saturday, April 25

Some quick thoughts on The Zombie Diaries (2006)

Holy ugh. It does a better job feeling "real" compared to Romero's much more stagy Diary of the Dead and a few sequences are creepily effective, but that's pretty much all there is. Everything seems so pre-packaged towards the little twist the viewer is confronted with towards the conclusion. I felt cheated as the credits rolled.

The zombies are slow shamblers, and that's great, but they're noticeably more innocuous here for some reason. You also gotta wonder why all the different groups of people kept filming the events. I can see the why a news crew crafting a documentary would, but it doesn't make sense for the others. Glad I snagged it this morning on the cheap. On the back of the DVD there's a quote from Dark Side Magazine calling it "The best zombie film ever." The reviewer must have been enjoying his shrooms while watching. Wait until it's in the bargain bin if you must.


J. Astro said...

y'know, there's so many damn things out there where someone calls a movie "the best (zombie, slasher, ghost, cult classic, etc.) EVER". I'm surprised motherfuckers don't come up with something more original to say at this point, y'know?

Anyway, I've pretty much had it with any new zombie movies for the time being. I pass on all that shit these days, ever since I sat through "AUTOMATON TRANSFUSION". :\

Anonymous said...

It is a terrible, terrible film. I was left feeling angry, and like I had been conned into wasting two hours of my life simply because I'm a zombie fan. You're too kind with your "few sequences are creepily effective."

Jayson Kennedy said...

I shoulda said "a scant few sequences", like the noise upstairs in the beginning. It's simple, but there's something about the immediately of POV that gets to me.

Actually the film clocks in at barely feature length worthy 81 minutes, but yea, it feels like 2 hours.

I thought of a good tagline this morning: "The Zombie Diaries - The other crap that was happening while you were laughing at Shaun of the Dead."

I Like Horror Movies said...

Yeah I havent heard a single positive thing about this film so Im out on it you dare tread upon the staircase?

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