Tuesday, April 14

First PAL VHS: Blind Adventures

Yep, I can't even play it (yet), but my first ever PAL-format VHS arrived from eBay a few days ago. It's Arrow Films' release of Bruno Mattei's 1989 Born to Fight (Nato per combattere) hailing from the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The case is a large hard clamshell similar to Trans World Entertainment's releases in the States.

On the inside of the case there's two "poster" ads for The Glimmer Man and Fled on the two inner halves. The cassette is secured by eight little tabs on the all four sides. First time I've seen that. A sticker from the video store is on tape. Even though most of the writing is rubbed off, I can see it came from a tiny village named IJzendoorn in the Dutch province of Gelderland:

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