Monday, April 20

Some quick thoughts on Dance of the Dead

After being disappointed by several recent genre efforts, like Trailer Park of Terror and Midnight Movie (don't get me started), this one was a pleasant surprise.

The characters are quite likable and the pacing is uniformly excellent with a lot of mileage covered without feeling as such. The film is brimming with funny quips that usually don't feel forced. Plus the zombies are grotty with a solid amount of grue being thrown about.

Just a fun, bubbly zombie-themed indie to deserves a rent. It's kinda like Night of the Creeps--without the alien throat slugs or Mr. Atkins--for a new generation. Of course, being a non-theatrical release and a horror comedy (which seems like box office poison), I doubt most belonging to the young "new generation" of movie-goers will see this. Well, that's their loss. After seeing it, you might even want to buy it, like myself. I saw it in HD on's On-Demand service and plan on eventually picking it up on DVD.


Rick Bman said...

I just watched this a few day ago as well and thought it was pretty good. Not what I would call a great movie but definitely enjoyable.

I Like Horror Movies said...

I think the biggest injustice the film was served was the overwhelmingly positive reviews it received claiming that it was the "best film of 2008." Going into it with the bar set so high made it a complete let down for me, since I agree with The Hat on this one and thought it was an original but only above average zombie flick. Reading the reviews online is a double edged sword, since I rely on them to find out whats cool and new, but hype can have a damaging effect.

Anonymous said...

Nope. This actually WAS the best film of 2008 in my opnion! you dare tread upon the staircase?

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