Sunday, April 26

Warner Advanced Fuck Up Operations

WAMO (WEA Advanced Media Operations) is one of the very first DVD replicators over a decade ago spearheaded by Warner Bros. You probably own at least a couple discs manufactured by them.

They fucked up a good portion of discs early on, including my mint copy of Warner's Nightbreed. I just popped it into my Oppo and enjoyed the menu freezing constantly. Finally getting beyond that, more terrible skips during the film. Dammit.

Check your old Warner discs (usually in cardboard "snapper" cases) from time-to-time, on the inner ring of the data side you'll see "Manufactured by WAMO". They may not work anymore...


I Like Horror Movies said...

Damnit.. Where was this post before I got all those Hammer releases at Big Lots for $3 unassumingly..

Rachel said...

Was this all over the world, as i went to look at an old warner bros DVD of mine with a snap case and couldnt find anything you dare tread upon the staircase?

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