Wednesday, February 25

The Ark of the Sun God (1983)

A.K.A. I sopravvissuti della città morta
Directed by Antonio Margheriti
92 Minutes / Trans World Entertainment / Cropped from 2.35:1 to full screen

David Warbeck as a master thief/adventurer in Italy's answer to '81's Raiders of the Lost Ark. The sacred Scepter of Gilgamesh is up for grabs as Warbeck, along with a merchant and drunk that are both fat and bearded, raid cavernous temples as Arabs and guys just dressed like Arabs try to foil their plans for a prize that just might rule to world.

Warbeck is really the only thing that keeps the film watchable. He's the same as always, simply the criterion for macho British swagger with perfect hair, his accent in full effect, and please, mind the trusty wristwatch. Rats, snakes, spiders, dusty corpses, and falling stone pillars all constantly menace the team...but of course that's nothing new. There's even a laughable night car chase accomplished in miniature with RC cars and later a real car chase with four Camaros with no explaination why they're all the same brand. Luciano Pigozzi is the haggard drunk, which seems to be the cornerstone role that he was born to play. The score sounds lifted from a vintage radio serial. Yeah, better off watching Raiders again...

Film: 4.5/10
VHS Picture: 3/10 (...and soon the darkness)
VHS Sound: 5/10

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