Wednesday, February 18

The Dead Hate The Living! (2000)

Directed by Dave Parker
90 Minutes / Full Moon Pictures / Unmatted Full Frame

A group of indie horror filmmakers illegally shooting in a condemned institution open a portal to the vengeful dead after using a corpse and giant stone coffin they've found during filming.

This is one of those that seemed much better from memory; having not seen this film since its millennial DVD debut. The cast does a serviceable job despite being saddled by incessant genre references. These little jabs are fun to use perhaps once or twice, but they're sneaked in even after the "real" zombie resurrection. The make-up is decent with the stand out being the zombo you see above. The ruler of the undead looks a helluva lot like Rob Zombie, which has probably been said in every review of this film so we shouldn't stop the tradition. The late Matthew McGrory also appears as a towering ghoul. The best compliment I can give is that this flick is perfect background fodder for a Halloween party with kids around. Other than that, you can safely leave this in the past or skip it all together unless your 13.

Film: 3.5/10
VHS Picture: 7/10
VHS Sound: 7/10

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